Capital of Children celebrates the World Children's Day and children's rights


On November 20, an art exhibition opens in Billund, the Capital of Children, where Billund's children have created art and told how they want the world to be after the corona pandemic. It is in collaboration with UNICEF Denmark that CoC Playful Minds engages more than 100 school students from Billund Municipality in the campaign.

More than 100 children from Billund have created their wishes for the world after corona, told through their works of art. In the coming month 60 of the works of art will be exhibited. And the children have many wishes, hopes, and visions for the future.

A study made in the spring by UNICEF Denmark with 3,321 children in Denmark showed that half of the children want everything to be as before. Meanwhile, many want the world to get even better. A world where we become more climate-conscious. A world where children meet to a greater extent in their free time.

The citizens of the future want…

  • A 7-year-old girl from Lynghedeskolen has drawn a globe with hearts and explains that she hopes that the corona goes into winter hibernation and that the globe gets well again.
  • A 10-year-old boy has drawn an aviator. His family lives abroad and since the corona pandemic broke out, he has not seen them at all.
  • A 10-year-old girl has drawn a rainbow. She says that the rainbow is a symbol of happiness and that she is wishing for a world where there is "joy, vacation, coziness, and the opportunity to visit grandma and grandpa."

CoC Playful Minds believes that children are important, worthy, and creative world citizens. Therefore, the collaboration with UNICEF Denmark on the art exhibition is also an opportunity to co-create with the municipality's children to shape the future.

Cecilie Tang-Brock, program manager at CoC Playful Minds, explains: "A highly topical subject, like corona, provides a great opportunity for many children to express themselves through their art and inspire others - both children and us adults."

Kristine Schmidt, VP of CoC Playful Minds, continues: "The children have been very motivated, and adults can learn something from children. Every child gets their art made into art posters, which they bring home. We hope that the art posters can be a dialogue tool in families to talk about the world after the corona."

Contributions from children around the world

The children's exhibition in Billund is part of a global campaign that UNICEF has started to give children and young people all over the world a voice when it comes to deciding what the world should look like after the corona pandemic.

"The Corona pandemic has hit the children of the world hard. Schools have been closed, and in the developing countries of the world, millions of children are at risk of never going back to school. The positive thing we have learned from the corona pandemic is that there is hope, and we know that working together can create a new and better time for the children of the world,” says Karen Hækkerup, Secretary-General of UNICEF Denmark.

"Children are both the present and the future of the world, and therefore we must listen to them and take them on board about the future we must create together."

You find contributions from all over the world on Instagram under the hashtag #voicesofyouth. While you can also find the Danish contributions under #detblivergodtigen.

The exhibition and campaign on Instagram are part of the nationwide celebration of Children's Day 2020, which is on November 20, where it is 31 years since the Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted by the UN.

The exhibition

The exhibition can be seen in CoC Living Lab, Kløvermarken 35, 7190 Billund, 20 November-20. December 2020:

About UNICEF Denmark

The UN Children's Fund UNICEF has been spearheaded by the countries of the world to ensure that children survive and survive. UNICEF is there for children - both among world leaders, in the smallest cabin, and with emergency relief during the disaster. For 70 years, UNICEF has built a bridge between emergency and long-term, sustainable aid.

About CoC Playful Minds

CoC Playful Minds is a development organization that, together with children and experts from around the world, is the focal point for knowledge, methods, and practices for equal co-creation with children. In our three programs, children co-create products for children, new forms of learning, and urban spaces at child height. This is how we contribute to Billund becoming the Capital of Children.