Capital of Children Panel

af Ayaan, 16 årig studerende ved Kolding Gymnasium

11. marts 2021


What is the Capital of Children Panel:

The Capital of Children Panel offers children a space in which they can express their views and develop their competencies as they go on to lead our future generations. Children live in a world marked with constant change and unpredictability, but we believe that giving our future world citizens the best conditions can lead to that change acting in our favour. Children in the Capital of Children Panel are engaged in the development of initiatives in Billund, the Capital of Children, in collaboration with the Capital of Children Organization. In addition to this, the purpose of the Capital of Children’s Panel is to support the development of children’s competencies, such as problem-solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication.


It is a place where children can be heard. - Niya


Why have you chosen to be in the Capital of Children:

Choosing to be a part of the Capital of Children Panel gives one the opportunity to be a part of a movement focused on investing in the future. It also empowers the children to make them feel like they have a say in our ever-expanding, interconnected society.


We don’t do it for fun. It is real. - Dicte


What they think about being the Capital of Children Panel:

The Capital of Children Panel feels that their position helps them see a wider perspective of the world around them. Through their obligations, they feel more passionate about helping other children and in turn improving the world around them. They feel more responsible towards the world in which they live.


A great opportunity to be involved in bigger projects that involve a global perspective. - Niya

I am doing it to make the world better. - Agnes

I am doing it to help other children. - Shubh


What world challenges are important to them:

It is important for the Capital of Children Panel that every child has a right to education and gets the opportunity to learn. They also feel that children around the world should be treated equally and not just based on their incomes, race, sex, religion or identity. These along with others are what the Capital of Children Panel feel that should be tackled in the coming future. 


Year of foundation:

How many children are in the Capital of Children Panel?
9 children from the public school BillundSkolen and the International School of Billund.