Together we build the Capital of Children

Billund, the Capital of Children, wants to leave a better day tomorrow and invest in children's future competencies. When the whole of Billund comes together to build the Capital of Children, it's not for fun.

It's for the future. A wiser, more fun, and more human future. This is where Billund can make a difference.

What the partners do

What the supporters do


MAVT is busy playing. Their story is coming soon.


REFBORG is busy experimenting flavors and well-being. Their story is coming soon.


REMA1000 is busy playing grocery. Their story will be here soon.

What we do together

Capital of Children Panel

Meet Daniel, Isabelle, Ridhima, Shubh, Mille, Jakob, Agnes, Dicte, Niya.

The nine children are the Capital of Children Panel. They are world citizens in Billund, the Capital of Children.

The purpose of the Capital of Children’s Panel is to support the development of children’s competencies, such as problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Concretely, the Capital of Children’s Panel are engaged in the development of  initiatives in Billund, the Capital of Children, in collaboration with the Capital of Children Organization.

Capital of Children Organization

Capital of Children Organization unites Billund based public institutions, organizations and cultural institutions in the vision and unites the organizations in the share purpose of making Billund the Capital of Children.

Capital of Children Organization develops strategic initiatives to realize Billund as the Capital of Children, initiates and drives projects in collaboration with partners. The Capital of Children Organizations mobilizes organizations in Billund to supporting the realization of the vision.



Charlotte Sahl-Madsen


Cecilie Tang-Brock
Head of Playful Skills