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Capital of Children

Frequently asked questions

  • Why are we organising Children’s General Assembly?

    The future belongs to children, and they are the ones who must live with the consequences of the decisions made by the leaders of the world at the UN General Assembly.

    In order to address and navigate through the complexity and possibilities of the world today and in the future, children need to be able to work together, communicate, think critically and creatively, as well as solve problems.

    The right of children to co-determination is a central tenet in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    By bringing together children from every walks of life at Children’s General Assembly, we are creating a forum that helps children learn democratic skills, to act as creative global citizens and to get the attention of the leaders of the world.

  • What is the vision - what would we like to achieve with Children's General Assembly?

    Today, the world is facing climate change, economic crises, and many other challenges. COVID-19 has only made the issues more present for everyone in the world. We want to give children and youths the best conditions for the future and prepare them for jobs and technologies that can solve the world’s future problems. Such a great ambition can only come alive with multiple partners on board.


    Billund, the Capital of Children, wants to leave a better day tomorrow and invest in children’s competencies. When the whole of Billund comes together to build the Capital of Children, it’s not for fun. It’s for the future. A wiser future, more fun and human. This is where Billund can make the biggest difference.


  • There are lots of summits for children around the world. What is special about Children's General Assembly?

    Most of the existing events for children and youths are either local, over one day or focused on a narrow theme.

    We want to take on the greater global challenges facing children and youths and present the ideas and  solutions directly to world leaders. Furthermore, we build on our great experience in co-creating with children and youths throughout the process.

  • What are our plans with Children's General Assembly?

    In five years we want to see actual change in the world that’s inspired by our work at Children’s General Assembly. We also want the world leaders to look to Billund for inspiration and to take active part in the process.

  • Who is behind Children’s General Assembly?

    Children's General Assembly is developed by the Capital of Children Partnership, formed and qualified with a group of children from Billund.

    The initiative is developed in collaboration with 13 partners: 

    Billund Municipality, the International School of Billund, the LEGO Foundation, CoC Playful Minds, the LEGO Group, Billund Airport, LEGO House, WOW PARK, LEGOLAND, Lalandia, the Drive Foundation, KIRKBI, and AV Design.

  • How can the children continue their engagement after Children’s General Assembly?

    We encourage all of our participants to take the learnings and ideas from the process back home and share in their local communities. We have seen previous participants meeting up with government officials and change policies in their local environment.

  • How do you facilitate development across the different religious, cultural or national background the participants represent?

    Our experience is that children and youths are much better at looking past all sorts of differences and focusing on the task at hand.

    Our facilitators are skilled in creating room for dialogue across different backgrounds and different personalities to make sure that all perspectives are heard.

  • More info

    For more info about the Children's General Assembly, visit the Assembly section on the the website.

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