Poppelen - a holiday home area

How does your organization make Billund alive as the Capital of Children – where children learn through play and become creative citizens of the world?
The holiday home area GF Poppelen was established in 2009 at the same time as Lalandia in Billund was founded. We are centrally located in the heart of Billund – Capital of Children - and our surroundings are quite scenic. The numerous range of activities and experiences for children and their families are all within walking distance or a short driving distance. This makes our offer a unique holiday experience in Denmark for the modern and active family.

What is in it especially for children?
While spending a few days or even longer in one of our high-quality holiday houses, children and their families can enjoy a perfect getaway from a busy everyday life. At the same time, this creates a unique opportunity for being active with the family in our newly updated playgrounds and some quality time with the family.

How do you think it links to the vision of the Capital of Children?
“We believe there is an almost perfect match between kids spending quality time with the family and being active in the outdoors.”

- Claus Andkjær Rosenberg, board member and playground responsible in GF Poppelen


Year of foundation:


How many children develop their competencies with you yearly?
We have 280.000 guests a year; 100.000 are children.

How many days a year do you offer children activities that develop their competencies?
App. 320 days per year.