How does your organization make Billund alive as the Capital of Children – where children learn through play and become creative citizens of the world?
At Lalandia, children can explore a world of activities and play. There is a wide range of activities featuring everything from a waterpark, playland, and bowling to a climbing tower. But there are also quiet oases, such as in the goat pen with the cute petting goats. All experiences appeal to the children’s senses and motor skills in different ways.

What is in it especially for children?
At Lalandia, it is possible to have hugely diverse experiences in one place –experiences that develop the little citizens of the world – and create a basis for shared experiences with the family across generations.


Year of foundation:

Tourism and Education

How many children develop their competencies with you yearly?
We have 280,000 guests a year - about 100,000 of them are children.

How many days a year do you offer children activities that develop their competencies?
App. 320 days per year.