How does your organization make Billund alive as the Capital of Children – where children learn through play and become creative citizens of the world? 

Throughout time KIRKBI has been actively engaged in supporting the development of Billund. In 2015, KIRKBI initiated a vision plan for the development of the town together with Realdania and Billund Municipality.  

For KIRKBI specifically, the vision plan provides a framework for how Billund can develop and subsequently, how KIRKBI can support the continued development of Billund as the Capital of Children through real estate and other activities.

What’s in it for children especially? 

A key focus in KIRKBI’s real estate projects in Billund is to create vibrant places with a playful nerve, where children and adults can meet up to spend some good times together and get fun-filled experiences – just as the City Vision depicts. One example of this is the ‘Playline’, a creative path that interconnects the town, which KIRKBI contributes to.

How do you think it links to the vision of Capital of Children? 

KIRKBI is currently involved in several real estate projects in Billund. Each of these projects has a direct link to Billund’s City Vision, which sets the framework for supporting and strengthening Billund’s unique character as the Capital of Children. With the new physical surroundings and urban environments, which KIRKBI creates together with partners, we contribute to creating a very special town in the world. 

Steen Pedersen, Head of KIRKBI Real Estate.


Private holding and investment company

How many persons benefit from your contributions?
Billund counts almost 7,000 citizens and thousands of people commute to Billund every day. About three million tourists come to the town every year to pay the many attractions a visit.