CoC Playful Minds 

How does your organisation make Billund alive as the Capital of Children – where children learn through play and become creative citizens of the world? 

CoC Playful Minds delivers knowledge, methods, and practices on co-creation with children. CoC Playful Minds is a development organisation that, together with children and experts from around the world, is at the heart of knowledge, methods, and practices for equal co-creation with children. In our projects, we, together with children, co-create new learning styles and urban spaces in children's heights.

What is in it for children? 

"That the children can be a part of the development - that makes a town good" - quote from a 10-year-old girl (The quote is translated from Danish).
Børns Smutveje is one of the projects where we co-create safe urban spaces together with children for everyone to enjoy. Children and youth are using urban spaces on equal footing with adults. The children and youth are incredibly attentive to the fact that the urban spaces are something we all share. Therefore, they also see how their ideas for the improvement of urban spaces can benefit other people. They are included in the process from start to finish. Throughout the process, they meet and get insights and information from the different professionals that are involved in the projects.

How do you think it links to the vision of the Capital of Children? 

Our projects give children and youth the opportunity to develop their creative world citizenship. They are given the opportunity to participate on an equal footing with adults and be a part of participatory democracy. Through our projects, children and youth get the opportunity to learn through play and are given influence on topics and areas that also affect them.


Year of foundation:


How many children develop their competencies with you yearly?
Around 5.500 children, and almost 1.000 adults from the municipality of Billund annually

How many days a year do you offer children activities that develop their competencies?
365 days