Billund Municipality

How does your organization contribute to Billund becoming the children's capital, where children learn through play and become creative world citizens? 

Billund Municipality is home to the Capital of Children. With us, play, learning, and creativity are keywords in the cooperation between the city's citizens, associations, and the business community. We have a playful approach, so Billund Municipality can continue to be a good place to live, work, and visit. It is reflected in Billund Municipality's overall strategy, The Future Playground. 

We work with many different programs and projects that involve and collaborate with children. The urban development program Playline is one of them. 

What do children get out of your contribution in particular? 

Playline is a connection through the city, with room for all kinds of play, learning, and good experiences along the way. The aim is to establish an active, interesting route in the city, as an experience in itself. 

We develop Playline through a program with many different projects, collaborations, and activities. We work with wayfinding, communication, temporary and permanent facilities, activities, and events. In all the projects, there is a great focus on involvement and co-creation with both children and adults.

We launch new projects on an ongoing basis that supports both Billund and Playline's development. The projects are based on wishes and input from different participants. It is assessed from time to time how and who should be involved in the various projects. We want the participants to get as much out of the involvement as possible, and the involvement to benefit the individual project the best.

How do you think it links to the vision of the Children's Capital? answers with quotes. Remember name and title) 

The program is one of the center parts of the Billund City Vision. Therefore Playline is also an important part of the development of Billund to become the Capital of Children. Playline is one of the elements that can show that Billund is the Capital of Children through urban space.


Establishment year in Billund: 2018 - but Playline is constantly evolving. 

Sector: Urban development 

How many children develop their skills with you annually?:

There are approx. 26,700 inhabitants in the Municipality.