LEGO® House

How does your organization make Billund alive as the Capital of Children – where children learn through play and become creative citizens of the world?
With LEGO® House, our wish has been to create an experience center that delivers a world class LEGO-experience - a pinnacle experience around all that the LEGO brand stands for.
At LEGO House, we focus on the play, and here you as a guest can live out your creative potential no matter whether you are 5 or 45 years old.

What’s in it especially for children?
Play supports children's creative, social, cognitive and emotional development. And with free, uninterrupted time for play, the effects of play continue all the way into adulthood. Therefore, LEGO® House is designed with a focus on precisely these learning skills, where children learn best.

How do you think it links to the vision of Capital of Children?
“In many ways LEGO House is a physical manifestation of the Capital of Children. It is one of the lighthouses in the municipality where children (and not least their adults) experience play unfolded in a pervasive creative environment and where every little detail is thought about ”.

Gitte Nipper, Head of Sales & Marketing LEGO House.


Year of foundation:

Turism and Education

How many children develop their competencies with you yearly?
We have 280,000 guests a year - about 100,000 of them are children.

How many days a year do you offer children activities that develop their competencies?
App. 320 days per year.