Drive - Motivated Learning

How does your organization contribute to Billund becoming the children's capital, where children learn through play and become creative world citizens?

Billund should be the Capital of All Children – and that is our focus at Drive. We are dedicated to deliver and showcase the best possible environment and methods for personal, social, and academic growth for children with special needs.  

We believe in partnerships and co-creation and for that reason, Billund is a fantastic place to start our journey and establish our first flagship school. With this, we aim to put Billund on the map in terms of world class special needs education where hands-on practice and international research on learning and play coincide. 

What do children get out of your contribution in particular?  

All children learn better when they are motivated, content - and having funHowever, life isn’t always easy, stress-free and playful for children with special needs.  

At Drive, we have a series of programs and projects for children with special needs. Some children suffer from school refusal, others lack motivation or experience frustration at school or at home. Through our programs, we offer guidance and support, develop problem-solving skills and provide children with coping strategies needed to tackle their individual challenges.

How do you think it links to the vision of the Capital of Children?

“Billund has a strong urban vision and a clear ambition: To be the Capital of Children. In order to fully succeed with this vision, the city needs to embrace all children. This includes children with special needs and learning difficulties who should have equal opportunities to access great education. And this will be the focus of the Drive Foundation”  

– Christopher Moyell Juul, Main Driver & CEO – the Drive Foundation.


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