The Children's General Assembly

We live in a world that needs to change. All around the world, children are trying to call global leaders to action. And at a time when most of the world is unable to agree on much else than the fact that they disagree, perhaps we should listen to those who will have to live with the consequences of the decisions made by adults.

The annual UN General Assembly will be held in New York City in September. But this year, it will be mirrored by the international Children’s General Assembly in Billund.

Here, children of the world will work towards formulating a manifesto that can be submitted to the leaders of the world in New York City.

Children from all over the world will attend, discuss, collaborate, and create their joint manifesto.

Children have the right to be heard. The goal is not only to show the world what children want and what they are capable of. The goal is to help make the world a better place to grow up.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Children’s General Assembly?

    The Children’s General Assembly in Billund is an assembly for children from all over the world. At the Children's General Assembly, children and young people will work together to draft and adopt a manifesto as well as submit it to the world’s leaders at the Children's General Assembly in September.


    The purpose is:

    • For children of the world to voice their shared perspectives on world challenges and their solutions for the world
    • For participating children to experience learning through play and being creative world citizens

    The Children's General Assembly will be an online process from April-June, and a physical/online Children's General Assembly in September. Participants attend both the online process in April-June and the physical/online Children's General Assembly in September.


    Children from Billund are an important part of the development of Children's General Assembly. They have co-created the six themes together with a group of facilitators in Billund.

  • Who can participate?

    Application is open to all the children of the world between the ages of 10-17, regardless of nationality, religion, gender, age, and circumstances.

    You must be fairly fluent in English. For COVID-19 reasons, you should have access to a computer and international wifi since we don't encourage you to use a public computer.

    You can apply for the Children's General Assembly by registering below.

    All applicants will be invited for a LIVE Streaming of the Plenary Children's General Assembly on September 21, 2021.

  • Important dates

    Application process:

    March 24-April 7:
    Submit your application

    April 7-8:
    Selection of participants

    April 9:
    Reply to participants. Info on exact workshop dates

    April 13:
    Orientation meeting at 9 AM CET / 1 PM CET / 4 PM CET

    April 27:
    EXTRA: Orientation meeting at 4 PM CET


    Online Workshops:

    All participants

    In groups of 8 children


    April 19 - May 7:
    1/2 hour individual safeguarding meetings

    May 8:
    Workshop 2, 4 hours

    May 15:
    Workshop 3, 4-5 hours

    June 29:
    Workshop 4, 4-5 hours

    Week 24 or 25:
    Evaluation 6, 2 hours


    Extra Workshops:

    10 selected participants


    June 13:
    Workshop 5, 4-5 hours


    Plenary Children's General Assembly:

    2 TRACKS

    Who: All participants and all applicants

    LIVE streaming

    September 21:
    1-2 hours (program released in June)

    Who: 10 selected participants + 10 peers

    Billund, Denmark

    19.-22. 2021

  • Program

    See the program for the Children's General Assembly HERE


  • What happens in the workshops from April-June?

    Children across nationalities, genders and backgrounds will work together in virtual groups over a three-month period before the Children's General Assembly in September. Working democratically, the groups must reach a consensus on the issues to be presented at the Plenary Assembly. The participants will learn through play and co-create a shared manifesto.


    In the online process in April-June:

    • each group will work together on one theme
    • all children will explore and discuss global challenges in groups
    • all children will discuss and co-create solutions to the global challenges in groups
    • all children will co-create and prepare a theme speech in groups
    • 10 children will consolidate the group work into one manifesto
  • What happens at the Children's General Assembly in September?

    One child from each group is chosen to represent the group. The 10 representatives will consolidate the work from all ten groups into one shared manifesto. These 10 children will travel to Billund, accompanied by their chosen peer, and arrive on September 19. On September 20, they will hold their speeches to each other and children in Billund. On September 21, the children will present their joint manifesto, which will be submitted to the world leaders in New York.


    At the Children's General Assembly in September:

    • 10 children will hold speeches and submit the joint manifesto to the world leaders
    • All participants are invited to participate online in the Children's General Assembly in September
    • All applicants will receive an invitation to participate in a LIVE Streaming of the Children's General Assembly. 
  • Why are we organizing the Children’s General Assembly?

    In order to address and navigate through the complexity and possibilities of society today and in the future, children need to be able to work together, communicate, think critically and creatively and solve problems.

    The right of children to co-determination is a central tenet in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. The future belongs to children, and they are the ones who must live with the consequences of the decisions made by the leaders of the world at the UN General Assembly.

    By bringing together children from every strata of society and background at the Children’s General Assembly, we are creating a forum that helps children learn how to be democratic, global citizens and get the attention of the leaders of the world.

  • What is the participation cost?

    Workshops April-June: Free (online)

    Plenary Children's General Assembly September 21 (online):

    • Free online participation

    Plenary Children's General Assembly September 19-22 (Participants invited to Billund)

    • Stay: Free. Lodged in holiday homes – one per family

    • Meals and drinks: Free for participants

    • Flight and insurance: Own cost. For those participants who are invited to physically participate in the Children's General Assembly in September, we expect to be able to help with favorable air fares.

    • Transport in Billund: Arranged in advanced and free of charge

    • Grants regarding travel expences (See Q&A about grants)

    If you wish, you can expand your stay at your own cost.

  • Why is it taking place in Billund?

    Billund is the Capital of Children. For nearly a century, the city of Billund has had a special focus on children and the development of children’s competences. Politicians, schools and foundations have worked with the children of Billund for years to make it a city for children. In 2020, Billund was recognized by UNICEF as a Child-Friendly City and Municipality as a result of its extraordinary efforts in relation to children and children’s rights. The ambition was - and remains - to create the world’s best city for children. And the world.

  • Who is behind the General Assembly event?

    The Children's General Assembly is developed by the Capital of Children Organization and formed and qualified with a group of children from Billund.

    The initiative is developed in collaboration with Billund Municipality, the International School of Billund, the LEGO Foundation, CoC Playful Minds, the LEGO Group, Billund Airport, LEGO House, WOW PARK, LEGOLAND, Lalandia, the Drive Foundation, KIRKBI, and AV Design.

  • COVID-19?

    All the workshops will be held online from April-June. We encourage the children to use their own computers or their family computers.

    The Plenary Children’s General Assembly in September will be a hybrid mix of in-person attendance in Billund and online attendance. Dependent on travel restrictions at the time of the Assembly, a selection of 20 participants is invited to travel to Billund.

    If the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions continue, the Children’s General Assembly in September will be online – with a lineup of children’s speeches on global challenges and solutions, exciting conversations across continents, and the submission of the children’s manifesto to the world leaders.

    Final decisions will be made on September 1. 2021

  • Travel advice

    Information about the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel advice in relation to COVID-19 and visa rules can be found here.

  • Grants

    The framework for grants and eligible expenditure

    If you are invited to participate in the physical Children's General Assembly in Billund on 19-22. September 2021, you have received information about and a code to be used when booking your trip.

    It will be possible to apply to a limited extent for grants for international travel expenses. You / your parents or caregiver have received information about this.

    Grants can be applied for the invited child and one parent/caregiver. (The child must not travel alone without a responsible adult).


    There are two application deadlines:

    • July 16, 2021. Notice of the outcome of your application will be sent no later than July 25, 2021
    • July 30, 2021. Notice of the outcome of your application will be sent no later than August 8, 2021

    You have to fill out the application form, sent to you by e-mail, to be taken into consideration for grants.


    Questions regarding the application? Contact us at 

Who is behind the Children's General Assembly



Charlotte Sahl-Madsen


Cecilie Tang-Brock
Head of Playful Skills