Billund as the Capital of Children


Billund is the Capital of Children. Here children learn through play and become creative world citizens.

What's the problem?

Today, the world is facing climate change, economic crises, and many other challenges. COVID-19 has only made the issues more present for everyone in the world. We want to give children the best conditions for the future, and prepare them for jobs and technologies that can solve the world's future problems. Such a great ambition can only come alive with multiple partners on board.

Billund, the Capital of Children, wants to leave a better day tomorrow and invest in children's competencies. When the whole of Billund comes together to build the Capital of Children, it's not for fun. It's for the future. A wiser future, more fun and human. This is where Billund can make the biggest difference.

In the partnership, we work with two ambitious goals:

1. SUBSTANCE: To give children the opportunity to learn through play and to become creative world citizens

2. COMMUNICATION: To make Billund visible as the Capital of Children


In return

The Capital of Children will be known globally with a strong position as a great place for children and for everyone else.

• National knowledge (helped). CPI: from 8% * - 30% 2019-2023

• Global reach. CPI: from 0-20 million. 2019-2023

The partnership

Your organization or association can be a supporter or partner. For both, a number of benefits apply, as the secretariat works on 4 value-creating activities:

1.  visibility

2.  realization

3.  content

4.  network

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