Billund is a Child Friendly City and Municipality

In Billund, children have always been on the agenda. First with bricks, then in politics. But first and foremost in the view of children. In young and old. In urban spaces and schools. In play and politics. It is in respect for children, their rights, and in equal child involvement that we pass on something precious to children - namely the experience of being valued, respected, and treated fairly. It is a child right for all children in the world.

For the past ten years, Billund has worked on the vision of the Capital of Children. The core value has always been respecting children. Today, respect for children is a central part of a large number of initiatives. Therefore, Billund is recognized as the first Child-Friendly City and Municipality in Denmark. Not by anyone. But by the world’s most respected international organization in the field of children’s rights – the UN children’s organization UNICEF.