Inspiration Bank

Here you will find inspiration materials developed in Children’s General Assembly.
The Manifesto, Interviews, The complete Liveshow, Facilitation Handbook, Inspiration Handbook, Communications kit etc. 

2022 Manifesto and Idea Catalogue



2022 Tools

2021 Manifesto

2021 Speeches

Communications Kit

We have compiled this material with advice on how you - children and parents - can have a voice in the debate about the Capital of Children and Children’s General Assembly both in the media and on social media.

It is our hope that the material will inspire all of you to help increase awareness of our joint project so that we can spread our messages even further and wider. And it is, of course, our hope that you will feel like participating even more in the debate on how we should organize ourselves in the world.

Evaluation report 2021

This evaluation report contains the evaluation of the very first Children’s General Assembly held in 2021. The evaluation shows the results from the children’s point of view and takes some key points from the facilitators' perspectives as well as from the parents' or caregivers' perspectives.

The evaluation report reflects the workshop process from April to June 2021.